What Does Earliest Ship Date/Limited Availability Mean?

Most items on Booksamillion.com are in-stock and ready to ship within 24-48 business hours of submitting your order.

However, some items may be available to order but are currently out of stock. In some cases you will see the item notated with the Earliest ship date*:


The earliest ship date is the earliest estimated date the publisher has provided to deliver more copies to our warehouse. Orders with these items will begin processing in order of when they were placed within 1-2 business days of these items being received.
If the publisher has not provided an estimated restock date the out-of-stock item will be notated with "Limited Availability. Ships in 2-4 weeks". This is the average time frame for unavailable items to be restocked. 



*Please note: items are not guaranteed to ship on the "Earliest ship date". Shipment depends on item availability and stock arrival from the supplier. Dates are subject to change at any time. 

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