Subscribe or Unsubscribe from BAM emails

Please visit our email subscription page HERE. Then follow the two-step directions below:

1.) Enter the e-mail address in the box provided. (This is the only information required if unsubscribing)email_required.jpg

2.) Scroll to the bottom and select SAVE if you are signing up.

3.) Select Unsubscribe from our emails if you are wishing to no longer receive our marketing or promotional email. 


This unsubscribe process will block future (non-transactional) INTERNAL emails from being sent, such as marketing campaigns.

Internal campaigns tied to your purchase (order summary, shipment notifications, etc.) will still be sent. If you receive any emails going forward, they will be from our internal team and will only occur if you shop or purchase with us. These types of emails are "transactional" because you have chosen to purchase or shop with us. These emails are exempt from the CAN-SPAM Act as you, the customer initiated the contact by shopping/purchasing.

This removal process can take up to 10 business days, so you might still receive emails that were in the queue. If you continue to receive any after the ten business days, please notify us immediately.


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