How do I set up my Associate Membership account?

  • To activate your new Free Associate Online Millionaire’s Club Membership follow the directions below.
1. Visit and click on “Sign In” located in the top right corner next to the shopping cart.
2. Next, click on “Set Up A New Account”
3. Enter the email and password you would like to use for your account
4. Your Account will now be active. In the top right corner next to the shopping cart, Click On “My Account, Membership”         
5. Under Account/Membership Settings, the Membership Number you will enter into the Membership Number field, is 2000 followed by your Employee ID, then click “Apply Club Card Number”
  • Important Note: Your Membership Number must be 10 characters long! If your employee ID is less than 6 characters, you'll just additional zeros to the 2000 prefix to get to the 10 required characters.
  • For Example: An associate with ID# 123456 would use 2000123456 (four zeros). An associate with ID# 90287 would use 2000090287 (five zeros).
  • You will only need to enter this number once during account setup when linking the membership to the account.

Terminated Associates

  • When an associate is terminated this membership will deactivate within one to two weeks following them leaving the position.


Additional Notes

  • If you already have an Online Millionaire's Club Card Account you will have two Accounts/two Memberships until your current paid for Membership Expires.
  • You will need to set up a NEW account and apply your Employee Membership Number to that one.
  • You can create a new account with a separate username and password of your choice.
  • You will want to Log into your current account and determine if you have auto-renew turned on.
  • To do this, click on “Manage Club Card Renewal Settings”, and select “NO” for the Auto-Renew.
  • This will allow your paid for account to expire after your current membership year is up.
  • If you already have an online account and DO NOT have an active Millionaire’s Club Membership simply log in and enter your new membership number as noted in Step 5 listed above.
  • When setting up a new account to connect with your Employee Online Membership you will need to use an email address that has not previously been used for an account or order on
  • If the email address has previously been used for an account or order you will need to sign in as a "Registered Customer".
  • There is a "Forgot your password?" link that can be used to reset the password on an existing account.
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