I never received my Millionaire's Club Card in the mail. Where is it?

We no longer issue physical cards for the Millionaire's Club Card membership when purchased online. These are digital, linked to your account after purchase, and can be used in-stores by providing the phone number associated with the account.

*If the membership was purchased in-store, you will need to add the card number to your online account if it has not been added already. 

The easiest way to add your Millionaire's Club Card to your account is to enter it when you're submitting an order. This will associate your Millionaire's Club Card to your account for all future purchases. If you do not already have a membership card associated with your account, then under Payment Details you will see the below:

Adding from My Account:

-Go to Booksamillion.com

-Click "Sign In" on the top right.

-From here, you can either create a New Account or sign-in to your existing account.
-Once you have logged in, you will be taken to the "My Account" page where you will see "Membership" located at the top right side.
-Click on "Membership."
-This action will take you to your Account/Membership Settings.
-Enter your Millionaire's Club Card membership number in the box.
-Click where it says, "Apply Club Card Number."

And now, you have successfully linked your Millionaire's Club card to your account!

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