When will my Back-ordered item ship?

Items listed on booksamillion.com as "On Order. Usually ships in 2-4 weeks" are Backordered items. These items must be obtained from the publisher so the warehouses can fulfill orders placed. Due to shipping delays, we are unable to estimate an arrival date for back-orders.

Backordered Items: Cannot be fulfilled at the current time due to a confirmed lack of stock at the warehouse. Generally, once an item is placed in backordered status the warehouse notifies the publisher who is then required to send more or confirm the item is out of print. Sometimes an item's status on bam.com may state "In Stock" but the item later is placed on backorder. This is due to the website and warehouse system not being up to date with one another or the warehouse's system not accurately reflecting the current quantity.  


*If the order is not able to be fulfilled by the publisher in the 2-4 week time, the item(s) may be extended for another 2-4 week period or canceled.


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