Why is my order pending?

There are several Order Status messages you may see on your Order details:  

  • New Order: The order has been received and is queued for processing.
  • Pending (Pickup): Your order is in process. You will receive email updates shortly.
  • Partial: Some items have been shipped, while others are still being gathered.
  • Card Error: There was an error processing your credit card. Update your card immediately.  
  • Canceled (Pickup): The order has been canceled and will not be processed.
  • Held: The order has been held for pending credit availability.
  • Shipping: All items have been gathered and shipped at the next carrier pickup time.
  • Completed (Pickup): All items have been shipped or picked up.

*Your pending order could be on backorder or have preorder items.

** If you used a coupon, the discount may not be reflected here. Click "Details" to view the discounted total.
*** To ship as soon as possible, we generally begin processing your order within thirty minutes. You can modify or cancel your order only within this thirty-minute window.

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