I do not want to renew my Millionaire's Club Membership, what do I do?

Cancel the Automatic Renewal: 

To do so Click Here and follow the easy-to-use four-step guide. Turning off the automatic renewal ensures you continue to enjoy your membership benefits until the expiration date. You can always choose to re-activate at a later date. You will not be billed for any renewal charges unless you choose to renew on your own.  

Visit your local Books-a-Million Store:  

- Visit your local Books-A-Million retail store. An associate will be able to assist you in canceling your membership. If you have purchased a Membership within the last 30 days and wish to receive a refund, you will need to return to the store with the receipt, membership card, and reward card you were provided. Click Here for help finding your nearest BAM! location.

Contact Customer Support:  

 - Contact our Customer Support team via the email address: Support@booksamillion.com or call 1-800-201-3550. Please provide the membership card number or your phone number listed on the account. Our team will be happy to assist and send you a confirmation email once completed. 

Click here if you'd like to review the complete Books-a-Million Membership Terms and Conditions.

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