How do I join the Millionaire's Club?

It's simple! Join the club on our Millionaire's Club page.


You can also purchase your Millionaire's Club Membership at the time you place a order by clicking "Join Now!" below the subtotal in your cart.

Free Standard Shipping will be applied to your order if it qualifies (and most do!)*.


Once you've submitted your order, your membership will be linked to your account and you can enjoy your online benefits! 

Get all the details about our Millionaire's Club Membership on our Millionaire's Club page.


You can also join in a physical store location.

Once you join, your membership number can be accessed in-store by providing your membership card number or phone number that is linked to your account. 

If you purchased your membership in a physical store, you may need to link it to your account. 


Follow these instructions to link your membership to your online account on

-Click "Sign In" at the top right.
-From here, you can either create a New Account or sign in to your existing account. (An online account is required to link your membership and receive your online benefits).
-Once you have logged in, you will be taken to the "My Account" page where you will see "Membership" located at the top right side.
-Click on "Membership."
-This action will take you to your Account/Membership Settings.
-Enter your Millionaire's Club Card membership number in the box.
-Click where it says, "Apply Club Card Number."

And now, you have successfully linked your Millionaire's Club card to your account!



*Items from our New and Used Marketplace do not qualify for free shipping. You do receive a discount on the shipping cost, but there is still a $3.99 per item fee applied.

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