Why was I contacted about a card error?

At the time that your order is placed a temporary authorization is processed on your payment method. You are not actually charged for your order until the product has been shipped to you. If we're unable to charge your card, we'll send a notification via email to let you know the payment was unsuccessful. You'll have a deadline of 10 business days by which to update your payment info. Here are a few steps to ensure you receive your order:

  1. Log into your Booksamillion.com account.
  2. On the My Account page, scroll down to the Manage Payment Information section.
  3. Click "Add a Card" and enter the new card information.
  4. Once saved return to the My Account page and view your Order History at the top.
  5. Next to the order, you are updating, click Order Details.
  6. At the top of the screen, in the Payment Method box, click "Choose a Different Credit Card".
  7. Choose the new card, then click "Save".
  8. Your payment method will update and you'll receive an email confirmation when your order is on its way!

If your payment issue is not resolved by the end of the five business days your order will be canceled and all items will be returned to our warehouse's inventory. You will then need to place a new order if you still wish to receive the items. 

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