Does Books-A-Million Price Match?

Due to the high cost of operating a brick-and-mortar store, we are not able to price match prices listed on or any other retailer.

Competitor price matching

We do not offer price matching with a competitor's price. We do, however, offer very competitive prices compared to other specialty bookstores. These prices often combine with our Millionaire's Club card discount as well as coupon promotions providing a low cost to you.

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Books-a-Million In-store Vs. Online prices

Online pricing and in-store pricing can vary. Typically, online prices are lower to account for shipping costs. 

If an online item is available at your local store, you can place a store pick-up order to receive the online price. Click here to find out how!


To compare the in-store price to the online price, check out the item detail page of each item:

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