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During the order process, you may see the status of your order change to Pending or Partial. An automated email is sent when the status of an order is updated and will provide the current status of your order.

See examples of backordered* and canceled status updates below.

Backordered Email:

*may also state that the item has been ordered from the distributor



Cancellation Email:


Advanced Titles: (Order/item may show as 'Pending' or 'Partial') Also known as a pre-order title, is an item that is currently available to order but has not been released by the publisher. The currently scheduled release date will be notated on the item details page*. Please note, these dates are provided by the publisher and are subject to change. The price of the item at the time the order is placed will be the price paid when the item ships. We do not price match or guarantee the lowest price for an item.

*Funko pops, Loungefly items and select other pre-order items may not include release dates.

Backordered Items: (Order/item may show as 'Pending' or 'Partial') Cannot be fulfilled at the current time due to a confirmed lack of stock at the warehouse. Generally, once an item is placed in backordered status the warehouse notifies the publisher who is then required to send more or confirm the item is currently not in print. Sometimes an item's status on may state "In Stock" but the item later is placed on backorder. This is due to the website and warehouse system not being up to date with one another or the warehouse's system not accurately reflecting the current quantity.  

Limited Availability items: Have not been confirmed as being on official backorder, but due to the small amount of stock the warehouse usually has on hand they may not be able to fulfill orders for large quantities or multiple orders placed closed together. Additionally, when an item is in high demand the system may not be able to keep an up-to-date count of the current stock. 

Customers are not charged for a backordered item unless it is later restocked and shipped. only charges for orders when the order ships from one of our warehouses. When a customer goes through the checkout process and clicks “submit” a temporary hold or pre-authorization is applied to the payment method. Based on the card or financial provider this hold can remain as pending on the customer’s account for 24-72 business hours.

Cancelled items: Are no longer available. We have attempted to order more stock of the item but have been given confirmation by the publisher the item will not be restocked.

Partial: One or more items have been shipped and one or more items still remain(s). (*Backorder, pre-order, etc.)

Completed: All available items have been shipped.


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